Children’s parties

Standard rate $295

Includes 2 hours supervision of fun games, nature craft and gardening activities, plus a quiet storytime for up to 10 children (+$15 for  each additional child) at your home or venue. All participating children will take home their handmade creations as listed below under each theme.

Fairy magic

Be mesmerised by magic and wonder with fairy storytelling, nature craft, and fairy garden planting. Children will take home:

  • Hand decorated bushwalking stick or ribbon wand
  • Hand decorated fairy/pixie peg doll
  • An edible mushroom growing kit
  • Hand decorated assorted flower seed pack to start your own fairy garden at home

Jungle explorer

Is your child a thrillseeking explorer? Imaginations will be stirred with treasure hunts or map making, adventure stories, nature exploration and terrarium building. Children will take home:

  • Hand decorated pet rock
  • Mini jungle/desert in a jar
  • Hand decorated bushwalking stick
  • Survival seed pack to grow their own food from the jungles of South America

Birds and bugs

Celebrate the music and colour of insects, birds and other small creatures of our world with stories, bird/butterfly feeders, nature craft, and wildlife and habitat exploration. Children will take home:

  • Hand decorated ‘pet’ bug (rock)
  • Handmade birdfeeder or potpourri
  • Handmade dreamcatcher
  • Wildflower seed pack to attract wildlife to your garden

Green thumbs

To encourage the novice gardener, or excite the most passionate young horticulturalist this party will cover all aspects of successful gardening. We learn about worms, composting, how seeds grow and disperse, why leaves are different shapes and sizes and proper watering and planting techniques. After lots of games and practical activities, little gardeners will take home:

  • A jiffy pot seedling planter
  • Leaf rubbing drawings and leaf ID kit
  • Mini garden in a jar (terrarium)
  • Hand decorated assorted flower/vegie seed pack

Bushcraft birthday

Embrace our special Australian landscape with an indigenous theme. We will dance to Aboriginal music and clapping sticks, make clay presses (animal ‘tracks’, plant ‘fossils’) and weavings with natural materials and listen to traditional Victorian Aboriginal creation stories to connect to the land we live on. Children will take home:

  • Hand-decorated bushwalking stick
  • Handmade grass weaving
  • Pressed clay ‘fossils’/’tracks’
  • Hand decorated indigenous wildflower seed pack

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