$55/ hour labour

Naturelovers is skilled in soft landscape installation (planting, composting and mulching), plant selection and placement (if you’d like to do the digging!), and seasonal garden maintenance (pruning, weeding, fertilising, irrigation repair, etc.).

Products I use are as sustainable as possible, including biodynamic or organic microbial fertilisers, and top quality weed-free composts and mulches. I prefer not to use chemical herbicides, fungicides or pesticides but instead apply organic remedies and use natural disease deterrent methods to promote biodiversity by protecting wildlife and avoiding polluting our soil and waterways. The healthier your plants are in terms of their access to available organic matter, water and the right growing conditions, the stronger they are to withstand attack and disease.

I only buy plants and stock from reputable local Melbourne growers and suppliers to ensure quality and vigour, to make your garden thrive.

My aim is to get your garden healthy and thriving so it provides you with the best it has to offer, so you will want to enjoy being outdoors in your own private nature sanctuary as much as possible!