Educational incursions/excursions

Class incursions and workshops

Naturelovers visits Schools, Kindergartens, Playgroups and Childcare Centres and Aged care facilities with various engaging programs designed to teach children and adults about gardening, mindfulness, natural sciences, sustainability and wildlife conservation through exploration, nature-based play and craft activities.

Incursions cost $250 and includes an hour of engaging activities which the school or children keep, and hands on exploration for up to 25 children (each additional child costs $15). Various themes of inquiry are possible, depending on your class and their learning, simply fill out a contact form on the Naturelovers contact page with your information and we will get discuss some great learning possibilities!

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Class excursions

Naturelovers also facilitates class excursions to local parks, beaches and reserves to better connect children to their own natural environment. We can explore local biodiversity and the ways in which children can better connect with and contribute to these special places.

A class excursion costs $55 per class (up to 25 students) per hour including travel time. Your local park or reserve is used as an outdoor classroom for reinforcing STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths), language and literacy, art, mindfulness, or particular units of inquiry (PYP, Resource Smart curriculum, etc), or your schools philosophy. Fill out details in the contacts page and I can organise an excursion to suit!

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Knowing we are all a part of nature will encourage us to preserve it for our children’s children…


Gardiners Creek Biodiversity Walk