First nation language as a capacity building tool and key to helping Mother Earth

I'm half Breton French half Anglo-Australian, born and raised on Kulin country in Birrarung Biik (Melbourne). I believe to fix Mother Earth, we need to connect to the country we live on (and/or were born on) through learning language, and also learn the languages of our heritage (our ancestors). In this way we can understand… Continue reading First nation language as a capacity building tool and key to helping Mother Earth



Beautiful! I am inspired to think how the indigenous trees in my part of Australia invoke our spirit… The whispers of a drooping Casuarina offering the sound of cool refreshing rain in the dry hot summers, the burst of happiness we get at late winter when the silver leaves spring wattle pops open its fluffy yellow pompoms of wattle blossom knowing spring renewal is to begin…


by David Hummon
dear earth
teach us to stand
like trees—
offering shade
like the oak
on a summer day,
pointing to the sky
like the spruce
to lift the spirit,
touching leaves to the ground
like the willow
to connect when lost,
making risky moves
like the birch
when too complacent,
celebrating change
like the sugar maple
turning crazy yellow-orange,
dancing en pointe
like the coconut palm
to tender a glimpse of grace.

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Nature parties, News

Naturelovers Nature Parties

Naturelovers facilitates amazing outdoor children's parties in bushland, parks or backyards in Melbourne. Choose from a range of themes, each bringing wonder, fun and nature connection to kids of all ages. Children create and take home many crafts, play, dance and listen to stories. All you need to provide is food!


Nurture in Nature’s ‘CAMPference’

Hi nature loving educators, families and friends! Thought you might be interested in a hands-on and fun conference/PD in Melbourne on Friday 27th October 2017 by my colleague Tania Moloney from Nurture in Nature. Featured speakers include: * Dr Diana Suskind, Founder of Stonework Play from the US * Dr Barbara Chancellor, Play Researcher… Continue reading Nurture in Nature’s ‘CAMPference’


Sustainability lessons

The following is an excerpt from St Josephs School newsletter (issue 13; 11th May 2017): Sustainability lessons with Pascale Miller  "The big unit of work this term at St. Joseph's is a sustainability topic entitled, 'Head, Heart and Hands for a Sustainable World'. The foundation subjects for this unit are Biological Science and Geography, amongst… Continue reading Sustainability lessons