Beautiful! I am inspired to think how the indigenous trees in my part of Australia invoke our spirit… The whispers of a drooping Casuarina offering the sound of cool refreshing rain in the dry hot summers, the burst of happiness we get at late winter when the silver leaves spring wattle pops open its fluffy yellow pompoms of wattle blossom knowing spring renewal is to begin…


by David Hummon
dear earth
teach us to stand
like trees—
offering shade
like the oak
on a summer day,
pointing to the sky
like the spruce
to lift the spirit,
touching leaves to the ground
like the willow
to connect when lost,
making risky moves
like the birch
when too complacent,
celebrating change
like the sugar maple
turning crazy yellow-orange,
dancing en pointe
like the coconut palm
to tender a glimpse of grace.

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