Nurture in Nature’s ‘CAMPference’

Hi nature loving educators, families and friends! Thought you might be interested in a hands-on and fun conference/PD in Melbourne on Friday 27th October 2017 by my colleague Tania Moloney from Nurture in Nature.

Featured speakers include:

* Dr Diana Suskind, Founder of Stonework Play from the US

* Dr Barbara Chancellor, Play Researcher and Founder, Outdoor Playspace Consultant

* Lisa Wangman and Peter Baird, Education Team, Bass Coast Landcare Network

* Tania Moloney, Nurture in Nature Australia

You can find all the details here

PS There’s also a regional Victorian event the week before, Saturday 21st Oct in Noorat VIC. It’s for those of you who live a little closer to SW Vic or those of you city folk who want a day out in lakes and craters country! We might even climb inside our dormant volcano! Details for that coming soon!

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