Building my business

A special thank you to my supporters and those who made generous pledges to my kickstarter Pozible campaign late last year. It’s been a few months but I thought I’d touch base and fill you in on all the exciting developments with my new business.

Some might recall I had to change my business name to avoid confusion with another similar business- what a headache! After sleepless nights, trawling the Web, business register, thesaurus, trademark searches, reflecting on people’s suggestions and advice, I chose the name Naturelovers.

I love this name and the new logo. It is simple, inclusive, easier to remember (even I confused NatureNurture with NurtureNature!) and it says what my business is all about – loving nature!

The name had been approved as a trademark and all the business legalities are done. It was more costly than I anticipated as I trademarked the name across a bunch of categories I deal with, but now there is peace of mind I have ticked all the right boxes. My new business cards have been designed and printed already!

The business is ticking along nicely through word of mouth and supportive community. I have done a number of private garden consultations and some garden makeovers involving the owners in the planting. Their enthusiasm and confidence in using newfound skills I taught them is proof my approach works! I want people to be confident gardeners and be part of the garden building and maintenance process so they learn to engage with their own environment.

I bought and installed a large lockable shed in flat packs and spent a few days building it and honing my new skills using a rivet gun. Now all my tools and nature collections and books are stored securely!

With your extra pledges above my target I have invested in some recycled aboriginal designed mats for conducting childrens nature activities, aren’t they wonderful! I have been putting them to good use at local public events such as the Concert in the Park series with Friends of Caulfield Park (I run the children’s entertainment).

And I attended a Nature Pedagogy conference in Lilydale this month which connected me to many likeminded professionals and inspired me to continue this business with zeal as I am part of a new global movement connecting children to nature.

Term two I have a wonderful gig lined up at a local primary school teaching sustainability to all year levels. I’ll share this experience in a blog in May. In the meantime I’m off to France for a family reunion, and can’t wait to experience spring in Europe and discover wildlife in Paris (I’m sure there must be some…can’t wait to see a squirrel!).

So thankyou again for all your help! Please stay connected to nature, and share your discoveries!

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