Pollinator count

So October was the Great Aussie Backyard birdcount (in 3 neighbourhood locations I sighted 137 birds of 21 species!) November is pollinator counting! Ever wondered what pollinates your favourite flowers? Take 10 minutes to watch flowers in your garden or local park and take note of what you see! The next Wild Pollinator Count is… Continue reading Pollinator count


Save the scented orchids!

We at NurtureNature Education are helping support this crowdfunding campaign to save two endangered fragrant orchids in Western Melbourne and regenerate wildflower reserves for their future survival. With a pledge of $35 we join the Victorian Native Orchid Society and receive an online orchid identification book for Victorian orchid - so useful for wildflower walks! Please consider helping too:… Continue reading Save the scented orchids!


Gardiners Creek Biodiversity walk

I wish to share the amazing learning experience I had with Mount Scopus Memorial College year 5 students when I accompanied them on their walk along Gardiners Creek in a recent incursion. Their current unit of inquiry is into biodiversity and they are exploring what impacts are caused on the biodiversity of Gardiners Creek by humans.… Continue reading Gardiners Creek Biodiversity walk


Great Aussie Backyard Bird Count

Help celebrate our beautiful birds for national birdweek Oct 17th-23rd #AussieBirdCount! Sign up like NurtureNature Education to The Great Aussie Backyard Bird Count to help record the birdlife in your suburb as an indicator of biodiversity and birdlife health Australia wide. There are great prizes for registering and taking part in the survey. Remember… Continue reading Great Aussie Backyard Bird Count