Naturelovers connects children to nature, promoting wellbeing and sustainability through educational workshops, excursions, gardening, and natureplay.

I combine my extensive horticultural, linguistic and teaching experience, to pass on my skills and passion for gardening, love of nature, learning from different cultures, and sustainability.

I offer a broad range of services including:

I work in metropolitan Melbourne, and help individuals, families, communities, schools and organisations reconnect with nature to promote wellbeing, sustainability, connection to community and reconciliation with indigenous cultures, primarily the Kulin Nation of Melbourne.

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Sustainability lessons with Pascale Miller

“The big unit of work this term at St. Joseph’s is a sustainability topic entitled, ‘Head, Heart and Hands for a Sustainable World’. The foundation subjects for this unit are Biological Science and Geography, amongst links with other areas of the curriculum. This work also offers rich opportunities to look at sustainability with a faith focus, concentrating on stewardship of our earth. We thank Pascale Miller (Georgia, Grade 2) who has worked with our students for the past two weeks, imparting her in-depth knowledge of our environment and sustainability. I have had the good fortune to spend this time with Pascale and our students from Prep to 6, and it has been a pleasure working them all. Aside from learning so much from Pascale, my favourite moment came during a session with Year 1s, when we were gathered around the stump of the old tree on the back playground. The children explained that they knew the tree had to be removed for safety reasons (it was dropping large branches) and during the first playtime following its removal many students from across the school held a prayer service around what was left of the tree. They laid special prayer stones around the stump and said thank you to the tree for always providing shade, and thank you to God for the gift of trees.

20170323_092121To think that they did this without teachers knowing! What a joy that our children can stop and appreciate the gifts of nature in such a way.

Thank you Pascale for your work, we have really appreciated you sharing your gifts and passions with us.”

Michelle Moore
Vice Principal
St Joseph’s Primary School Elsternwick
Excerpt from scool newsletter, Issue 13, 11th May, 2017.

Sustainability lessons at St Joseph’s Primary School, Elsternwick

Thank you Pascale Miller for your expert support in making our garden safe for our pets! Above and beyond! Seriously. (Zohar Badesheh, April 2017)

Many cats, dogs and other pets visit vets showing signs of difficulty breathing, vomiting, depression, lethargy, or other symptoms of poison from their environment. Many are due to exposure to toxic plants in and around the home, sometimes building up over years, and often the first thing a vet asks is do you have toxic plants in your garden?

Naturelovers can advise you on which plants are safe or unsafe in your garden by correctly identifying each plant. We can suggest alternatives to those which are found toxic, to ensure both your family and your pets can enjoy your garden with peace of mind.

Contact us to arrange a consultation today!

Pet safe garden advice